My Approach

Gradual, Realistic, Authentic, Sustainable, Supportive

Every Single One of Us Deserves to be the Healthiest Version of Ourselves.

Why should we be weighed down by dis-ease or resign ourselves to a lifetime of poor health? 


It is my role to empower you to become the healthiest version of yourself in a way that is realistic, sustainable and authentic to you.


This is where your journey starts to reclaim a happier, healthier and more vibrant version of yourself.  


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Has all of the conflicting information about health and wellness left you totally confused and frustrated? Honestly, how could it make us feel any other way when there is so much contradicting information out there. Maybe you have been disappointed by promises of miracle foods/supplements or diets that have ultimately let you down and left your pockets lighter.


Perhaps you have read reams of online articles and testimonials of people with amazing success stories. Maybe one of those success stories is even a friend who has strikingly similar symptoms to you. So why has nothing worked for you (so far)? 


Here are a few important points to consider. First, even if your presenting symptoms are very similar to another person, the underlying influences contributing to your symptoms can be very different. That means, while there may be some overlap, your needs for re-balancing health can be considerably different and may require more in-depth investigation.


Secondly, while our body systems are typically viewed in isolation and compartmentalized in modern medicine (i.e. dermatology, cardiology, rheumatology, nephrology, immunology, etc.,) due to the massively complex nature of the human body, nature designed our body systems to work synergetically. This is why addressing a single factor often only results in transient or partial improvements, if any! Think about it this way, if you had a car with several flat tires and no fuel, just fixing one of those problems is not going to get you very far... 

Another point to consider is our tendency to dichotomize foods, nutrients, and even certain diets as 'good' vs 'bad', or ‘right’ vs ‘wrong’. We often see this type of hype from various media outlets, which can become nutritional dogma, leaving us totally confused about all things health-related. For better or for worse, the answer to the vast majority of nutritional and health questions are shades of grey, a spectrum, if you will, which depends on quality, quantity and your unique health status (genetic predispositions, environmental exposures, nutritional status, emotional wellbeing, activity level, etc.,). The truth is complex!

Ultimately, we are the product of a multitude of influences shaping our unique health status (or lack thereof!). It’s no wonder the path to regaining health can be perplexing as well as highly individual.



I think it is safe to say that this is a trap many of us fall into (including myself)! Have you just been going and going to keep everyone else around you happy and looked after? Maybe you have a sense of pride in pushing aside your personal needs (I hope not…), or maybe you genuinely feel that you don’t mind the role you’ve fallen into. 


Then let me ask you this, and be honest with yourself. Have you ever noticed that you have less patience, kindness, and empathy to offer others when you are feeling pressured, tired or unhappy?


As you keep giving, your reserves keep dwindling. In order to give love and support, you need to give yourself permission to ‘replenish your tank’. Otherwise, there will eventually be nothing left to give -- and there are no winners in that situation... Your emotional wellbeing is directly connected to your physical wellbeing. 


Self-care is an act of kindness to yourself which directly translates into the health and happiness of yourself and those around you. Being kind to yourself is not optional, but a mandatory life skill for truly being content and having a positive impact on those around you.



Your health status cannot be deduced to any single aspect of your life. Obviously, daily nutrition plays a vital role in our health (no controversy there!) but, it is absolutely crucial to understand that there are myriad factors which contribute to our mental and physical health; your environment (air quality, toxin exposure), food choices, sleep quality, activity level, relationships, stress (physical and emotional) and so much more.

We are emotional creatures and emotions profoundly influence the functioning of our bodies.

This is why I adopt a functional medicine approach that takes into account the ‘whole you’. This approach carefully examines the unique constellation of factors that have led you to where you are and how best to get back on track. 


WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? #1 item to pack on your journey to re-discovering health

Change happens when we are motivated. Have you ever considered what your deepest motivation for change is? Not something abstract, but a clear and concrete purpose that truly makes you want to change. This is a vital question to ask yourself before we start working together. The answer to this question will be your driving force. An essential item to 'pack' before embarking on this health journey together.


I AM YOUR PARTNER IN THIS JOURNEY (remove judgment, add support)

Let’s face it. All of us could do with a little less judgment and a lot more support in most aspects of our lives. It is my role to keep you accountable and provide the right level of support, so you feel confident in making sustainable, life-long changes. There is no power differential in our therapeutic relationship. You are the expert when it comes to your own body, while I offer the knowledge to create a well-guided roadmap to ensure that your journey is fruitful.

Together we can make sustained progress to ensure that you are no longer held back by your health. There is no need to feel like you are aimlessly walking in circles anymore; having a qualified practitioner to guide you will feel like the fog lifting and the road signs becoming clear. This is where change begins.   



Health does not mean neurotically obsessing about what you eat or don’t eat. Preoccupation with food should not be the focus of your existence. I know you have much more important things you want to focus on and accomplish in your life. This means no unsustainable calorie counting, food weighing or convoluted macronutrient calculations.


While some individuals may benefit from excluding certain food items (temporarily or permanently depending upon their particular situation), the ultimate goal is to eat a wide variety of real foods on a daily basis and to be able to enjoy the occasional 'junk' foods as well. Because health is so much more than a perfect diet.   

This means placing an emphasis on feeling good from the inside rather than blindly striving to 'look healthy' on the outside (looks can be deceiving!). Luckily for us, when we focus on building health from the inside, the outside naturally takes care of itself (including weight loss which is often a very welcome consequence!). 


Ultimately, we will focus on what is realistic, sustainable and authentic for you, whatever that may be. Remember, regaining your health is an exciting challenge to rise to, not a torturous routine to be bound to!


Well, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but the path to reclaiming one’s health is often a winding one filled with victories and setbacks. For better or worse, this is simply part of the journey.


When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Health is not lost overnight. In fact, our bodies are very resilient and strive to maintain health for as long as possible. Physical symptoms of dis-ease are typically a culmination of years, if not decades of assaults on your body's systems. Therefore, un-twining this process takes patience. In a world where instant gratification is the norm, true healing requires us to take the ‘scenic route’ and invest time to rediscover our health.      



I am here to tell you that feeling unwell is not ‘normal’ or a ‘natural process of aging’. We can choose to reject this normalization and live a life that is not limited by the confines of ill health. Are you ready to be an active partner in transforming your health?