- Fees &  Packages -

I firmly believe in fee transparency to avoid any unexpected financial surprises when we start working together. My consultation fees are listed below. The only additional costs are (optional, but frequently recommended) functional laboratory testing and high-quality supplements.

One-to-One Consultations

Before booking an appointment, please review My Approach, Work with Me and 1-to-1 Health Partnership to ensure our approaches to health & wellbeing are aligned. Working with a like-minded practitioner can make a huge difference in achieving your personal health goals!


While I do offer a one-off Health Upgrade option for individuals with no underlying medical conditions, I typically work for a minimum of 3 months with all of my clients.


Please keep in mind that addressing chronic health conditions and achieving meaningful change takes patience and dedication from both client and practitioner. I am 100% committed to supporting you regain your health and vitality, and firmly believe that entering a mid-to-long-term health partnership (3 months +) is the most effective way to accomplish this goal. Please see my additional considerations here.

               How does the consultation process work?

Complimentary Pre-Consultation Call

We will briefly go over your health concerns to ensure suitability.

Comprehensive Initial Consultation +

Implementation Session

Undertaken by all new clients. 

Health Partnership Consultations

Exclusively for clients who have completed step 1

Pre-Consultation Call (Complimentary)

I offer an optional 15-minute call to briefly go through your case history and assess whether nutritional therapy is the most suitable route for you and whether I am the right therapist for you. 

If you would like to have a pre-consultation call, please fill in the appointment application form, and I will contact you for a convenient time and date to speak. 

This pre-consultation call is optional. If you prefer to skip this step, please indicate this on the appointment application form. 


- STEP 1 -

Undertaken by all new clients


Comprehensive Initial Consultation (90 mins)

                                                            +                                                    £225 

                                  Implementation session (45 minutes)                                                                                                                                     

This comprehensive initial consultation is the first step in the commencement of an ongoing health partnership package (to be selected during the implementation session). 

Prior to the initial consultation

You will be asked to complete a comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire and a 3-day food diary and return it 5 days prior to our initial consultation. I will spend time prior to our consultation familiarizing myself with your case and conducting any necessary research in order to ensure our time together is as productive as possible. 


During the initial consultation (90 minutes) 

We will review the information you provided in the questionnaire and speak more in-depth about your goals, health and medical history, diet, lifestyle, stress, and other influences, in order to ascertain the best possible picture of what factors may be influencing your current health status. 

Together we will develop an initial nutritional and lifestyle programme* tailored specifically to your requirements. This will typically include diet and lifestyle modifications, supplementation (where appropriate), functional laboratory testing recommendations** and/or medical referrals as necessary.

* You will leave the session with a folder of handouts and a basic version of the programme we have discussed during the consultation. I will spend further time after our consultation to prepare a detailed version of your personalised programme, which will be emailed to you within 3 working days.

**If you are coming with a chronic health condition, please expect to be recommended functional testing options. While testing is not mandatory, high-precision functional testing can be instrumental in identifying imbalances that may be hindering the healing process. 

Your initial nutritional and lifestyle programme will include:

  • Personalised diet and food recommendations 

  • Various handouts to support your progress

  • Baseline supplement protocol (optional)

  • Menu ideas (I tend not to provide specific recipes but point you in the direction of resources, so you can take ownership of this process and explore what works best for you.)

  • Email support until implementation session (2 weeks later)

During the implementation session (45 minutes)

The implementation session will take place approximately 2 weeks after the initial consultation. The main purpose of this session is to get your feedback on the initial programme, and to see whether there are any tweaks we can make. We will also be reviewing and discussing any test results (if applicable). The implementation session is also a great time to ask any questions which may have arisen after the initial consultation and to jointly decide upon the most appropriate health-partnership package moving forward. 

Your  implementation session includes:

  • Interpretation of functional test results*

  • Revised recommendations*

  • Revised supplement protocol*

  • Additional handouts*

  • Email support until the next session**

  • Joint decision on best health partnership option (Step 2)

* If Applicable

**While I kindly request clients to keep lengthier question for our consultations, I do not restrict contact by providing strict limitations on between-session support. As my client, it is important that you feel supported and we can work together to adjust follow-up consultations to suit your needs. 

- STEP 2 -

Choose your follow-up option



Health Partnership Consultations

The follow-up consultations are exclusive to existing clients who have completed step 1. Follow-up consultations can be face-to-face or via skype (home visits may also be arranged if you live in the West London area).


We will jointly decide upon the best follow-up arrangement based on your needs. You may want to work intensively with me for a period (every 1-2 weeks)  space the consultations more widely (every 4-6 weeks), or maybe even alternate frequency based upon your progress. This is highly individual and there is no right or wrong way to progress through your health journey. 

During these sessions, we will continue to review your progress and evolve your programme in alignment with your needs. These consultations include laboratory testing interpretation, educational hand-outs as well as email support between sessions*. 

3 x 60-minute follow-up consultations: £270 

6 x 60-minute follow-up consultations: £510 

9 x 60-minute follow-up consultations: £720 

*While I kindly request clients to keep lengthier question for our consultations, I do not restrict contact by providing strict limitations on between-session support. As my client, it is important that you feel supported and we can work together to adjust follow-up consultations to suit your needs.     

  Health Upgrade      £85 

This option is appropriate for those with no major underlying health concerns. 

This option is perfect if you have no major underlying health concerns, but are keen to boost your health with the help of a qualified nutritional therapist. Perhaps you are keen to keep your weight healthy, want to know how to boost your family's health, or want to do some functional testing to get some personalised, recommendations to further improve your health.  

​This option includes:​


You will be asked to complete a 7-day food and lifestyle diary*. Based on the information provided, you will receive a 30-minute feedback consultation (face-to-face, phone or email) with a range of personally tailored recommendations and hand-outs to help you make positive changes to support your health.



You will have a chance to ask me all of your health and nutrition-related questions when you submit your 7-day diary, and also when we discuss your personalized recommendations over our 30-minute feedback consultation.

*Please note this is different from a comprehensive health questionnaire and is not aimed to identify or address any possible body imbalances. If you require more specific support, please refer to the one-to-one consultation section. 

If you are interested in this option, please contact me by using the general enquiry form.


Additional considerations:

  • Please note that the duration required to address chronic health challenges is highly individual.

  • Home visits may also be arranged (location depending), at an additional fee. 

  • Fees listed exclude functional laboratory testing and dietary supplements (optional). Functional testing can be an invaluable tool in identifying underlying cause(s) of dysfunction, and therefore may be recommended as an option to enhance program efficacy. ​