Do you ever imagine how different your life could be if you were not tied down by health challenges? 

Maybe you've attributed your loss of health to aging, or have resigned yourself to a new 'normal'  because you simply don't know which way to turn anymore.

I am here to tell you that your loss of health and vitality does not have to be the new 'normal'.


Although living with chronic disease has become increasingly commonplace, there is nothing 'normal' about it! We humans, or any other living creature for that matter, have not been designed to develop and live with chronic illness. The physical symptoms of discomfort we experience are our body's only way of letting us know that something is out of balance

As a registered nutritional therapist, it is my job to carefully listen to your body and decipher these clues using a functional medicine framework. Together we will consider all of the unique factors which have contributed to your present state and employ lab testing (where applicable) to help identify and inform the most effective programme for you.

Health is complex, but I am here to help untangle the confusion so you can feel like you again. If this approach resonates with you, I invite you to read my approach and find out more about the 1-to-1 health partnership here. Together we can do this.