1-to-1 Health Partnership

My Approach to Working one-to-one

Trying to rebuild your health alone can feel like attempting a 5,000 piece puzzle in the dark. 


Where are all the pieces? Does this piece really fit with that? If you have a wry smile on your face right now, this analogy has probably struck a chord with you.

The factors involved in developing dis-ease (lack of ease) are individual, numerous and seldom obvious. 

It is my role, as your registered nutritional therapist, to find the light switch and flip it on so we can identify all of the 'pieces' of your health puzzle, and together, start reassembling them with compassion and commitment.

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Are any of these health challenges weighing you down? 

So how can we work together to restore my health?



I employ a holistic and science-led Functional Medicine approach that emphasizes the interconnected nature of our body systems and aims to identify the root cause(s) fueling dysfunction. As one of my private clients, we will work together to uncover these root cause(s) and make sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes to transform your health for good.

Chronic health challenges typically develop over a prolonged period of time, so it is vital to be emotionally ready and committed to making sustained, gradual changes. Given the complex nature of chronic dis-ease, I work for a minimum of 3 months with my 1-to-1 clients, so we can make a meaningful difference to your health. 


While a registered nutritional therapist can make very sophisticated interpretations of an individual's potential body imbalances based on the in-depth information gathered during the consultation process, this analysis can be greatly enhanced by appropriate high-quality medical and functional laboratory testing. While functional laboratory testing incurs an additional cost, it can provide invaluable insight for developing a truly targeted programme designed to accelerate the healing process. Please be aware that while testing is not mandatory, it is highly likely that we will discuss functional testing options during the initial consultation as an important tool for guiding the future course of our health partnership.  


You are an active participant in this health partnership. Achieving lasting change takes patience, dedication, and commitment from both parties.  This is why I strongly recommend embarking on this journey when you are ready to make a medium to long-term commitment to transforming your health. Please have a look at my consultation structure here. In addition to face-to-face consultations, I also offer home visits and skype follow-ups to make keeping on track easier.   


Packages provide a structure for mutual commitment and allow time to take a deep-dive into the various aspects impacting your health. As we progress through our health partnership, your needs will evolve. This structure allows for the on-going tailoring of your personal programme, so we can achieve the best possible results.


Committing to a package also means that time outside of the consultations is dedicated to you. This includes reviewing the latest medical literature in relation to your specific case, analyzing lab test results, refining your dietary, lifestyle & supplement programme, and being available to answer your questions when you need support. 


You will receive a personalized programme based upon your health goals, comprehensive case history, and lab results. This includes a breakdown of my interpretation of your case (including lab results), nutritional and lifestyle advice (including a wealth of resources), as well as supplement and botanical recommendations (where appropriate).


A non-judgemental and supportive partnership

Accountability and Support every step of the way.

In-depth assessment

We will work together to uncover the root causes of your particular health challenges.

Objective analysis using lab testing 

Lab testing can provide invaluable information to guide an effective protocol and accelerate progress.

Personalized healing protocol

Diet, lifestyle & customized supplement recommendations (where appropriate)  will be tailored and reviewed on an on-going basis.

Wide range of resources

You will receive a personalized resource package to provide practical everyday support.

Email/Call support 

Support between follow-ups is built into the plans, so you never need to worry about having to wait to get answers to your questions.

It is my mission to help you feel vibrant and whole again.

Let's Work Together